New Zealand Student Tours


Alpine Grandeur Zone Attractions

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Thermal Experiences*

The "golden" past

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Lots of Different Nature

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New Geographical Experiences

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Learning from different people

Special Challenges


New Zealand has a growing competitive tourist industry that begins with natural attractions.  Most tourists want to see and experience many features possible.  We see how.

 Natural Attractions
Because of its geography New Zealand is rich in in natural attractions.  At each natural attraction the tourism can easily develop with support services.

Secondary Attractions
These businesses
either amplify the enjoyment of the primary natural attraction or create a different man-made attraction. These help increase visitor numbers and offer business study opportunities. 

These need to be provided to enable visitors to enjoy their experience with the attraction.  You will survey accommodation, food and transport facilities that meet the primary needs then explore the secondary facilities such as souvenirs, niche retail outlets, unrelated man made attractions, walking trails, information centres, museums etc.

You can explore the methods used to attract suitable numbers to the attraction to ensure there is adequate support for the service providers.  Before you arrive a visit to the NZ Tourism Board in your country is always a good place to begin studies of NZ Tourism. Here you will see the attractions promoted and the different interests  of  "target markets" .

brings a growing number of winter sports enthusiasts.   Skiing facilities are continually improving.  There is also the unexpected winter bonus  - fewer people, better  weather and its relatively cheaper.  Summer months are definitely more popular due to the warmer weather and longer days.

A wide range of systems are available in New Zealand. Some of the more colourful include Mountain trains, boats, aerial cable cars, helicopters, hitch hiking and motor homes. You will be able to explore them, document the various benefits and difficulties of each.

Natural areas of significant interest to visitors are usually owned and managed by the government's Department of Conservation.    when you visit these areas you will see the the facilities provided to enable visitors to fully enjoy these natural wonders.
KANES arrange meetings with appropriate conservation managers depending on the interests and time available.

For visitors to be safe, controls and codes of conduct must be in place and enforced.  Interested groups can explore the many facets of these safety requirements and ensure visitors are given a fair deal.

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 take you there - to be a tourist to understand the industry