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 As well as cars, busses and trucks we see in New Zealand most other transport systems used for many different situations throughout the world.

These arrived around the world with electricity in the 1920's - 1950's.  They were effective for public urban transport.  We can explore these in Christchurch


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Steam Trains
Rail systems used these worldwide from the 1880s to the 1950s. 

We can ride them and explore how this steam technology contributed so much to build our modern world today.


When there is no other option to get there these highest cost machines fill an important roll.  They are used most around the mountains, for high speed rescue and agriculture, recreation and tourist work.

Rides in these unique machines are recommended for interested groups.

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Jet Boats
Invented (1950's) to transport people and goods at high speeds over fast flowing rivers. This system is most effective and used extensively worldwide.

Rides are recommended for interested groups


Horse Drawn Coaches
These arrived with the first NZ settlers and played an important roll in every community and industry until the faster cheaper steam (or petrol) powered transport arrived.

We see these at shows and museums.  Rides are available at riding stables.

Modern Launches


Aerial Cable

These were first used to carry coal over difficult ground. Today we find them in the tourist and skiing industries to access steep mountain tops where roads are not accessible.    more>
steamboat.JPG (20649 bytes) Steam Ships
1900s - 1930s following sail, these craft  transported large numbers of people and goods both nationally and internationally.

We can take the rare opportunity to ride one and explore its original steam technology in its original home with all the wonderment and efficiency of its time.

Interested groups can explore various vessels and technologies in museums, and at harbours.  We can speak with harbour operators.


River Punts
Now used for tourists these manpowered craft used to help travellers cross large rivers before bridges were built.

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All Terrain Hagglin (Ice Mobile)
These are built for transport on the sea and ice in Antarctica and polar regions of the World.

Take a ride and learn more about their amazing capabilities 

Alpine Passes

Like all access routes crossing mountain ranges, road transport trails must consider ease of access, snow, rivers, erosion and cost.

They enable us to exciting places and see experience the environments that demanded so much from early road builders. 

We find these everywhere as every road has many rivers the be crossed. For groups interested in engineering these offer a huge wealth of information.  We find bridges built with stone, wood, steel and concrete with a wide variety of designs depending on their age and requirements.

We visit different types and learning about the importance of sound geological locations, some were expensive failures.
You can experience train rides and learn about the building, application and maintenance of this system that played a major roll in New Zealand from the 1920's.   You can study the power providers of coal, oil, diesel and electricity. 
Walking Trails
We see how pioneers coped with obstacles including; mountains rivers & swamps.  Most of the land routes through mountains were found by the ingenious Maori people
We can explore farm roads that climb steep mountains and see the vehicles used to build and travel on these "private" roads.


Road Building
We follow the planning and toil required to overcome many different obstacles and ensure a safe, sustainable roadway 


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 take you there -  to see trails over impossible obstacles.