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Volcanic Wonders

Exploring a cave of volcanic deposits

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Teaching aids

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Geothermal vents & fumaroles

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Active andesitic cone

Volcano Settlements

Shield volcano & lava tunnel

The Immense tectonic forces colliding deep below melt the earths crust forming liquid "magna". This flows and escapes from its pressured capsules forming "volcanoes" on the surface.

There are hundreds of volcanoes in New Zealand. They all display fascinating features to be explored.

At on-site locations we learn about these natural wonders including their creation, development, deposits, aging effects and how humans use these to help sustain their settlements.  Numerous museums and information centres help us understand concepts. 

Volcano Settlements
We learn why human settlements are attracted to volcanoes we look at their hazards, care, management and safety issues. Involved too are various magma types, eruption types, mountain shapes and ash types. MORE

Active Volcanoes   
The North Island's
Active Volcano Zone has the world's widest variety of active volcanoes in a compact area. KANES recommend groups with main interests in volcanoes spend a minimum of 3 days exploring in this zone.  As well as numerous active volcanoes of various types we also find geysers, fumaroles, calderas and domes. This zone harnesses geothermal energy converting it into electricity. MORE

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Volcano walks

Volcanic layers
Layers of Loess, Breccia, & Basalt

Volcano tour
In the English Culture and Volcano Zone
we experience various types of ejected materials, plugs and dykes. We actually drive into a feature filled crater.  An aerial cable car ride can take us to the crater rim and there a time tunnel ride brings the volcano's seven million year growth to life. MORE

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Geothermal pools


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Pillow Deposits

Pillow Lava
The South Island's Local Culture Zone has excellent examples an basaltic pillow lava flows that travelled many kilometres to reach the ocean in a once violent steaming collision.  MORE

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Shield Volcano

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