New Zealand Student Tours

White Water Rafting

Because of New Zealand's steep topography, high rainfall and mountains there are many exciting rivers suitable for rafting for all levels.

Preparing to begin the rafting.
Training first - for safety

raftbula.JPG (20070 bytes)
Buller River (13 rapids)

Kawarau River Gorge Rafting
(4 rapids)

Rafting doesn't get much better.
Shotover River Rafting
(7 rapids)

Recovery, fun & learning

Each raft is lead by a qualified, experienced rafting guide who carries emergency / first aid equipment. 

Everybody is issued with a quality life Jacket, under shirt, wet suit, splash jacket, safety helmet and foot wear.

Rafts travel in groups for extra support  

After the safety briefings each rafting group is trained to work as an efficient team that can steer, propel and stop the raft as required.

Rafters enjoy thrilling rapids and quiet times to take in the natural beauty of the river, learn about nature and have some fun. 

After the first heart pounding rapids, confidence builds and guides explain more of the hazards, and how to keep safe if ever caught in a hazardous river rapid.

Guests learn from experience
●  Safety systems,
●  Equipment and techniques
●  Skills & confidence
●  Forces of flowing water.
● Co-ordination skills
● Geological history
●  Erosion processes 
●  Rescue techniques
●  Survival techniques

Guests under 18 yrs need consent from the tour organiser to participate in this activity.

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*  NOTE:  We do not ride waterfalls.  

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