New Zealand Student Tours

English Culture and Volcano Zone

Volcanoes, braded rivers, aquifers and varied coasts are all packed into  this small zone.

Explore different types of volcanoes, the materials they produce and the way they interact with the environment.  Rivers here deposit vast amounts of bed load material from the eroding mountains to make the plains with coastal drifting processes. Huge aquifers surface by the coast and flow into the sea.

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The volcano that dominates the zone began as an island then with river deposition and coastal drifting mainland plains grew to touch the island causing fascinating changes to the previous pathways. 


The huge volcanic area of the Zone reveals is the South Island's biggest covering hundreds of square kms and exposes several different types of violent eruptions with their associated ash & lava deposits. more>

Volcano crater
Volcano crater settlement
Interested groups travel into the main crater in the complex.  It has been eroded to reveal the hard rock, the conduit and events that shaped the land. Today, the crater is occupied by a shipping harbour and settlements. more>

Seven million years of volcano activity produced materials and land shapes layered by andesitic, basaltic and ryolite deposits intermingled with dusts from distant glacier activities.   Quarries, earthquake breakages and oceanic wave erosion all reveal to us these treasures from many different eruptions. more>


Braided Rivers
Nearby large braided rivers deposit vast quantities of gravels eroded from the distant Southern Alps.  Popular recreation includes fishing, jet boating an some rafting.  Water is also used for irrigating the nearby farmlands. more>

KANES  take interested groups to view the damage of New Zealand's most devastating Earthquakes of 2010 & 2011. This is a rare and most valuable learning experience for visitors not familiar with these rare events . more>

Interested groups explore and learn about dunes, spits, stacks, estuaries, long shore drifting and wave caves all found in the zone. more>

Alluvial Farm Plains   
Alluvial farming plains
Witness New Zealand's largest flat area of river gravels that have been transformed from a deadly dry deserts to highly productive dairy farms using irrigation and trees.   more>

World acclaimed gardens 
12% of the city's land area is planned for green space and gardens.  With the rich soil and expert horticulturalists magnificent gardens feature everywhere, especially in the CBD.  more>

Huge amounts of life giving waters flow from mountains hidden below the plains. Upwelling springs stream into ponds near the coast. 
These water flows are used extensively for both irrigation and town water.  We explore the uses for these and the difficulties ensuring they are properly protected for all users. more>

Farming and urban development
have dramatically changed land, rivers, coasts and vegetation since the 1850s European settlement and earlier before that the Maori people.  We follow the changes, and explore how industries can endanger health, food production, and life giving water.  more>

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