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English Culture and Volcano Zone

New Zealand's 2nd largest city,  declared one of the world's 10 best cities and one of the world's top 10 destinations. 

Enjoy the world's largest variety of trees growing in world renown parks, wide streets and large home blocks.

City Centre
City Centre
Guests can enjoy large shopping centres, entertainers, broken cathedrals, the picturesque Avon River and shopping with lavish souvenirs and outstanding food for all budgets.


Study groups can learn about businesses, agriculture, architecture, English colonial settlement, history, art, administration, aquifers, coasts, earthquakes, volcanoes

More areas of interest
Find the factors that this make a great place to visit and live in.

We can learn about human settlements and culture relating to our home and other world destinations. 

History and engineering groups enjoy the amazing historic buildings from the first settlement days of the 1850s-1920s. 

Devastated by the 2011 earthquake we see the city is still reeling from the shock but resolutely reconstructing with a determination to be better and more vibrant than ever. 

Parks, river fronts, shops and houses demonstrate the character, interests and culture of the people and their proud heritage. 

We evaluate buildings of interest for science, history, art and engineering students.

The city museum brings to us the special nature, history and cultures that influence the city.

We delve into the historic and current difficulties, attitudes, and threats to the city and learn of the ways it has overcome them.

Studies here help us understand how communities grow and face their difficulties.

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Magnificent Catholic cathedral destroyed by the earthquake

Catholic Cathedral before the 2011 Earthquake

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