New Zealand Learning Adventures

English Culture and Volcano Zone

We explore; excellent examples of dunes, spits, stacks, estuaries and wave caves.

These help us understand formations dangers and uses of coasts throughout the world. We learn about the features that new settlers required of their coastal areas when choosing a site for their first settlements.

Active Coastal Drifting


Lava Rocks

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Lava Deposits

Long sand beaches, estuaries, dunes,  wetlands and rocky outcrops all feature here.

We orientate ourselves, visit the sand beaches and enjoy the great views seeing the locals relaxing. Its fun to explore the coastal rocks and caves.

Studies can include; dunes, spits, stacks, estuaries, wave caves. We see the processes of depositing sand beaches, growing dunes and wave caves

The seaside communities  Sumner and Lyttleton revel some history and diverse fortunes that swing with perceptions, industries and desires.  We see how geography of the region shaped the the communities.

Coastal conservation management
We learn to understand how cities and people might damage natural processes resulting in unpleasant consequences.

Guest speakers are available.

A visit to the museum gives us extended knowledge while displaying problems and management issues relating to coastal land losses and maintenance programs set in place by the local authorities.

Long shore coastal drifting
We learn about the supply of material the "Antarctic Divergence" drives the currents and see them building and shaping the
Canterbury plains. 

We learn and witness the consequences of man-made harbours and dams that affect this natural process. These involve, beaches, estuaries, dunes and spits.

High energy wave action on the coast
We explore eroding rocks, caves, bays and deadly currents for unwary bathers

How coasts help settlements
We see how
coasts provide recreation, transport, food and waste disposal.  We learn how these need to be balanced, managed and the difficulties caused

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