New Zealand Learning Adventures

Student Comments

"The plane trip was the best fun so far woohoo im gonna be a pilot! "  

"After shopping we went to the Wildlife park and saw some cute animals. We saw these baby lions. They were so cute"

"The plane trip was so much fun and the views....unexplainable! I loved it and I think I want to become a pilot."

"Today we went on the Gondola ride and also went shopping. I bought a pair of shoes. Stilettos - they are really cool."

"We were at the Antarctic centre yesterday and we were in a man made blizzard -20 it was absolutely freezing".

"I have been doing lots of things like travelling the town. I am really enjoying myself. Yesterday I saw a Lion, Rhino, Giraffe and a Kiwi."

"Having heaps of fun its raining at the moment but its meant to be snowing tomorrow its soo cold here but its heaps mad we are going swimming in the hot springs tomorrow cool hay."

"Guess what I'm in New Zealand. yes that's right I'm in New Zealand and er its raining. I'm having so much fun were going swimming today in hot springs - how cool is that?"

"We’re having fun…didn’t sleep for about 40 hrs  until last night"

"The day that we got here we went to the Antarctica Centre and played in the snow and ice. There was a storm happening just like in Antarctica. I went with my friends into the tent for protection."

"We are having such a wonderful time. Enjoying ourselves and seeing so much it seems like we have been here for so many days with all the sights we are getting to see."

"We’ve had a lot of fun being jetlagged and frostbitten, but seriously… I’m soooooooooooooo happy!!!!!"

"It IS NOT that cold! I’m wearing 2 shirts and a pair of jeans! "

"Well I am having so much fun! I’m staying in a dorm with four other friends, we have our own TV, beds, toilet and shower"

"The scenery is so nice and pretty. I love it here, although its cold its really nice, I love it"

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