New Zealand Student Tours

Christchurch Aerial Cable Car Ride

Ride to volcano crater rim at 500m above the city and enjoy fabulous panoramic views of the of the Southern Alps, the city, the plains and the harbour in the crater. 

Time Tunnel Ride
After reaching the top take capsule and ride back to revisit the erupting volcanoes that now shape the land.  Experience the settlements of the early Stone Age Maori and glimpse back to the development of the 1850s English colonials.

Settlement Studies 
Here we see where the first settlers arrived and we begin to appreciate the hardships they faced travelling over this 500m mountain between the harbour and the new town of Christchurch.  

River Studies 
From display maps you see
how the nearby river formed the land and now holds the city to ransom.   Interested groups can learn how the river is being managed to prevent it from its inevitable return to flood the city of Christchurch .

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