New Zealand Learning Adventures

English Culture and Volcano Zone

Volcanologists and students extensively study this complex of volcanoes. 

KANES take us around some of the vast area and we drive over the crater rim then into the crater itself.

From inside the crater we observe the latest lava flows, the main conduit, and learn about the erosion processes.

We explore the causes and types of volcanoes and different the deposits they leave.

 Touring the volcano reveals a wide range of clearly discernable features stemming from a variety of different eruptions.

We explore the causes of volcanoes, stemming from hot spots and tectonics.

All in a short space of time we explore the 4 basic types of magma and seeing how each of them shaped the mountains.

We see how the volcanoes rose from the ocean and joined with alluvial depositions carried from distant uplifting mountains.

Features we experience include:-  ● Caves,  ● Plugs, Dykes, Sills, Conglomerates Ignimbrites Bombs ● Basalts ● Loess ● Lappili

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