New Zealand Student Tours

Willowbank Nature




We see many varieties of both natives and exotics animals including kiwis. 

A farmyard and buildings gives us a great chance to see up-close friendly farm animals. 

See the trout and salmon in their natural environment

Feed the animals keas, pigs, goats, trout, eels and keen farm animals

Enjoy the playful monkeys, ferrets, otters, and many more

With a park guide, we stroll through areas of New Zealand native bush and various compounds seeing rare endangered animals and plants. 

We investigate the threats to them now and explore the conservation programs in place to help them survive.

Here too we can investigate the plants that early Stone Age Maori used to build their homes, make their clothes, weapons and tools.

"I saw my first Kiwi, and it hops like a rabbit with stalky feet and feathers!"

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