New Zealand Learning Adventures

Bushman's Centre
Enjoy a light hearted look at the culture and the special lifestyle of the people who more than others rely of the land for their work and their survival.


See the long standing anger after the conservation movement destroyed the life style and culture of the people in the Mining and Milling Zone. Outside we can feed the animals.

You learn a little of the culture of the locals here. Ask the right questions of the staff and they will help you understand the subtle differences between local cultures.

Conservation Studies 
A big issue involves the introduced animals that are destroying New Zealand's unique vegetation here.  Conflict on the methods used for controlling them.    

The Museum
We explore the story of the destructive introduced animals and the struggles we face to remove them from the nearby forests.

This takes us through the times of the wild deer hunting days of the 1970s.
it involves shooting and live capture of deer among the mountains.  (The introduced deer are causing massive environmental damaging and need to be removed from the land).

Note: Although most visitors enjoy the humour presented here some visitors may not be comfortable with some of the "politically incorrect" jokes, satire, philosophies and images presented.


take you there and tailor your experiences to meet your interests