New Zealand Learning Adventures

Puzzling World

Test your skills, brain power and patience in one of the world's greatest challenge centres.

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Help; I cant stand up straight!

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Surely not the real rest room??

The puzzling centre and 3D maze is a great feature in this zone.
Did Tectonic plates move?

Leaning Tower
Much greater lean than the Pisa tower! - provides a good fun photo opportunity for your friends.

3D Maze

Allow 20 - 40 minutes to solve the 5km of puzzling passages.

The owners claim this is the world's best hologram display.

Room of a thousand faces
Walk around and watch them all stare right at you and follow your every move.

House that defies gravity
Water runs uphill, climb a ladder against gravity and much more.

The room of instant growth
Want to be taller or shorter without the use of mirrors? Grow to a giant or shrink to a midget and take your own video to prove it.

Free time with puzzles
In the shop you can purchase some really different puzzling gifts and there are lots of samples to try.


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