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Skyline (Mountain) Restaurant


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View to die for

Just awesome variety

So yummy - irresistible!

An evening with friends at this high class restaurant teaches etiquette, gives our cooks a break and lets you enjoy the most stunning environment imaginable.

This is located at Queenstown where groups like to take a break and recharge the batteries with some free time and personal space.  

"On Saturday night we went to a skyline restaurant which was buffet - DELICIOUS"

Getting there is half the fun
An aerial cable car lifts you all 540 metres above the stunning lake and town.   This has the additional benefit of building confidence for guests with apprehension of heights. 

"For dinner we went to the skyline and had to catch a gondola up there!! and we also went luge riding!! that was soo fun."

Fine Dining
Guests are made welcome and encouraged to fully enjoy their holiday with the excellent ambience, service and food
for all with buffet style service with several courses and a wide range of bewildering choice. Entertainers provide live music to enhance your experience.

"At dinner the other night, it was a buffet, and the view was so beautiful."

Other attractions
At the complex you can enjoy the superb views as well as observe the luge riding, bungy, Para sailing, giant swing and walking trails.

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