New Zealand Student Tours


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The original 350 tonne 1912 "Earnslaw" serviced the miners and farmers living on the shores of the huge glacier lake, Wakatipu.

Loving dedication maintains this beautiful vessel in its original condition.  It is now used for carrying tourists to points of interest on Queenstown's huge glacier lake. You will enjoy the music hall songs of yesterday played on the ships grand piano.

This magnificent steamboat takes us to a large, inaccessible sheep farm.  Commentaries inform passengers about the vessel and its stunning surroundings. See the engine room and talk to the captain. lots of fun photos

Engineering & Science Studies
Enter the hot boiler room watch the fires roar, feel the pulse of the two huge engines.  Witness transferring coal energy to motion.  The staff will explain the operations of various components of the 19th century technology that revolutionised the world.  

Farm Studies
Visit a
dream farm house where the farmer displays the  operation with sheep, dogs, cows and deer. Watch the dogs collect the sheep and see the art of shearing and spinning the wool from the sheep  Included is a traditional farm tea with yummy cakes.

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