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Inlet Harbours & Settlements

The Dunedin Harbour is surrounded by volcanoes and offers our visitors great views protected shorelines interesting nature, areas for recreation and sheltered fishing. 

We explore
is a large tidal shipping channel and see how nature formed and maintains it. We see why this harbour was desirable for the first settlers as international vessels accessed the new settlement directly in sheltered waters. We see the issues involved with modern shipping now and the see ways the geography of the harbour was altered to improve the port facilities.

The Invercargill Harbour is at the southern end of the Zone and it too has been relocated from its most convenient location beside the town to a location some distance away.

Here we find the new harbour formed around a once solid rock island that became part of the mainland subsequently with material placed by ocean movements, currents and river deposits.  We see why the original river port became unusable because of the moving bed-loads, we look at the access transport arrangements, geographical advantages and difficulties.

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