New Zealand Student Tours

Iceberg Lakes

A delightful mountain walk takes us to the snout of a large receding glacier.  

Icebergs frozen into the lake. 


As its ice melts back the  huge hollow gouged by the glacier at earlier times is left filled with water. Then as the blocks of glacier ice break off into the lake they float about at the mercy of the winds as they slowly melt into the cold lake water.  

We learn here by seeing the growing lakes.  Your guide will help you understand the geographical movements actually taking place.

You can find out about the forces and properties of the glacier ice, explore the reasons for its formation, movement and demise. 

Compare the differences of glaciers in this Zone with others you have visited.  Learn the reasons for these differences.  See how the different geology of the land affects the way the new valley walls erode.


Exploring the glacier Icebergs

Exploring the glacier Icebergs
One tour option involves taking small motor boats across the forming Tasman Glacier Lake. Guests view icebergs close up, take samples of (old ice) and obtain close up encounters with the towering walls of the snout of New Zealand's largest Glacier.

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