New Zealand Learning Adventures

Lake Taupo (Mega Caldera)

New Zealand's largest lake and one of the world's largest volcano craters (caldera). 

This lake is bigger than Singapore Island.  Its gigantic eruptions occur about every 5000 years; the last was one of modern world's biggest explosions recorded in China after emitting 100 cu km of material.

Here we explore a delightful lake-side holiday city take in some free time shopping, visit the hot pools, view bungy jumping, ride a jet boat, see the giant rapids, explore geothermal power station, visit the "Craters of the Moon" and the usual opportunities for horse riding, shopping, beach combing all depending on your interests and time available.

Studies help us understand the processes of ryolite (mega) eruptions so huge that they explode large calderas rather than form mountains. We follow the history and processes involved with these earth shattering and  climate changing, events. Informative education centres provide further valuable illustrations.

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tailor your experience with personalised commentaries and arrange timings to best meet your main interests within the time available.