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Planning Steps

Step 1  Test for Support

Before you begin planning we suggest you discuss the possible NZ tour with your principal and possible participants.

Supporters will express their hopes and expectations we can mould into the proposed plan best for your group.

Considerations include:-





Land prices depend on many factors including: group size, duration, facilities, activities and distances travelled.  Generally all included Land prices range between $900 & $1400.

Airfares depend on dates, carriers & timings Because airfares tend to increase as planes fill lowest prices are found for earlier bookings.  Quotations are not held for long, Travel agents assist customers obtain the best deals. 

KANES provide a list of prices for specified variables and different numbers.  A general airfare indication can be obtained from airline websites. With these, a "not more than price" can be estimated and used to promote the plan and gather booking deposits until numbers are guaranteed.   more>

Principals seek:-
- Safety for students and staff

- Growth in skills & wisdom

- Some practical curriculum reinforcements

- Staff development

- Better school profile

- No financial commitment for school

Students seek:-
Excitement, new experiences, with friends.

Parents seek:-
Personal and life skills development for their children.

Staff  Benefits
Staff build positive relationships with their students and each other.  .They also develop leadership, communication and management skills.


Two Sample Plans
Low budget 8 day plan and Higher budget 10 day plan.

Chosen plans are fine-tuned to meet customers' requirements  more

Step 2 Contact KANES for free plan and quotation

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