New Zealand Learning Adventures

Planning Steps

Step 4: Booking Confirmation


At the "deposit due date" returned applications and deposits guarantee numbers to confirm land tour price and immediately pay deposits needed to book any special airfares offered. 

Airlines often hold special priced (group) seats for only 7 days, then they require $300+ deposit (pp) to confirm.

Small Land Deposit

For security just $300 confirms the entire land tour. No further land payments are made until the group arrives. 


Educational guide
KANES provide booked groups with an information booklet briefly explaining the history, culture, geography and special features of the places to be visited.

Available work sheets help groups for specific study requirements.

Preparation guide
After booking each group's exclusive website itinerary develops with information on flights, accommodation, meals, timings, luggage requirements and more.


Changes always welcome
Leaders can request fine-tuning changes to their plans at anytime after bookings are made. 

KANES arrange local guides, transport, accommodation, meals and customers' preferred learning and other popular adventures to assist with attaining objectives while ensuring safety.  Unless otherwise requested staff travel free in return for leading their groups and quotations are calculated with lowest priced facilities to stay affordable to encourage economic group sizes.

plan to best meet your main interests within the time available.