New Zealand Student Tours



KANES offer various styles of tasty, nourishing meals. 

Discussions during the planning stages ensure customers obtain their meal preferences based on variety, health and budget.  Available styles include:-

Safari dinner

DYO Safari meals 
Quality food is guaranteed to meet the biggest appetites. 
- Breakfasts:  help-yourself continental,
- Lunches: buffet picnics,  
- Dinners wholesome meat, fruit and vegetables.  Meals are easily and quickly prepared by the group in large kitchens. 

Cheapest and most healthy results occur when group members make their own simple meals using provided recipes, food and facilities.   This cheapest style teaches members catering, skills, teamwork and life skills

Meal upgrade options
Restaurants: from
Fast foods: from $7
Hired cook for the tour from $100

On-own meals
Groups can choose to arrange their their meals entirely.  KANES can suggest also restaurants, take-away shops, or supermarkets to meet the group's requirements.


Add a cook

Add a cook
You can choose to add an experienced cook to prepare your safari meals and reduce the involvement of the group members.

Fast foods

Fast food dinners
Convenient and cheap these are  occasionally a treat; however, KANES  encourage healthy energizing fare for better well-being.

These provide a wide range of choices for different budgets and tastes.

No need to eat ice!
Special diets & Halal
Usually available with prior arrangements.

Mountain restaurant dinner

Special celebration dinner
Queenstown's premier restaurant among best views possible high above beautiful Queenstown. The
food is magnificent.

Traditional Maori Feast
Maori welcome feast
As part of the exciting Maori cultural encounter groups can choose a New Zealand rare favourite; the Maori "hangi" (hygienically) cooked in the earth's soil.  Savour the unique flavours & aromas.

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