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Safety policies come from different authorities to ensure maximum safety for visitors.

New Zealand safety laws are similar to those of other modern countries.

KANES work with group leaders to ensure all safety precautions are put in place.


NZ law for Tourist Operators

●  Operators must be licensed and be without serious criminal conviction.

●  Operators must follow specified safety laws pertaining to their staff, procedures, equipment, services and produce. 

●  KANES operator’s licence number is 84022/1. Customers can contact the transport division of the New Zealand police to verify validity of  licences held.


NZ Law relating to passenger coaches

●  Twice yearly vehicle inspections required by independent, approved authorities.

●  Owners must maintain safe vehicle condition, between inspections.

●  Passengers remain seated while travelling.

●  Passengers leaving the coach to cross a road do so from the rear.

●  Drivers must be aware of and follow the law relating to passenger vehicles.

●  Drivers are re-licensed regularly and this involves a good history, health and police checks. 

●  Driving times are controlled to avoid fatigue.


NZ Law for accommodation

●  Properties are licensed and inspected for:

●  Fire, health & earthquake compliances.

●  Cleanliness and security.

●  Manager or guide is available at nights.


KANES staff

●  KANES staff are chosen for their good character, reliability, common sense and ability to meet their roll.

●  They follow strict KANES protocols for working near children. They are usually parents themselves. 


Activity operators

●  These folk are well known within the tour industry for their safe operation. 

●  They work within government safety standards and their own special industry standards. 

●  Customers are always welcome to request any additional safety requirements be imposed on any activity should they feel this is necessary.


First aid is always near

●  A first aid kit is carried on the coach.

●  KANES staff have first aid training, However, they will let the tour leaders take care of incidents involving students whenever it is safer to do so.

●  Professional medical assistance is accessible when tour leaders wish to access it.


Skiing safety

●  KANES provide special pre visit briefings and explain the safety requirements for the group members.

●  Ski resorts provide quality certified equipment, qualified instructors and trained qualified safety patrollers to ensue customers safely.

●  Trained medics, doctors and helicopter services are all on call to attend to serious incidents.

●  Safety helmets are available.


Walking trails safety

●  KANES choose well marked hazard free trails that access impressive experiences for visitors.  

●  The more challenging walks use extra safety management systems involving involving equipment, staff and safety instructions.


Weather safety

●  Guides insist guests have the ability to cope with the activity and carry adequate clothing for the worst possible conditions.

●  Activities are timed to access extra day light time if needed due to weather delays.

●  Weather forecasts are known before all activities that can be affected by a severe weather event.

●  Guides are trained to identify and treat hypothermia.

●  Staff and guides will adjust any programme to avoid weather related risks .


Self catering food safety

●  When self-catering, guides and staff  ensure, safe preparation and hygiene requirements are followed.

●  Food is purchased from licensed outlets.

●  Kitchens are provided by the licensed accommodation.

●  Guests use only their own individual utensils and drying towels.



●  Guidance on personal health is sent both in advance and offered during each tour.

●  Professional medical support is always nearby if needed.


Included is a no blame, no limit, accident insurance. It covers all major accident related costs while the patient is in New Zealand.  Public liability insurance in New Zealand covers damage to property only. Guests can also choose to take comprehensive travel insurance.  more


KANES have been operating with students since 1989

●  Before 1989, Lloyd Kane (director) assisted with several school camps, lead a scout group involving 100 kids for 10 years,  he was a medic with the NZ army for 16 years and managed adult coach tours.

●  KANES passengers have never had any major accidents or incidents. more>

take safety seriously