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Winter Fairy Tale

"Once upon a time - - -

before the "Big Freeze" little fairies were
sheltered and warm

& then it began to snow

it was so pretty

but many (little fairies & elves) floundered in the frosty fluff -
they panicked and lost their way

which way?? - -

Some took independent alternatives.

Those who stayed found shelter,

the sun did shine on them - -

and we "whinnied" for them.

High in the mountains, maidens of the ice lake kept their feet warm - on snowballs - - -

as they watched the brave souls out searching and eventually finding - - -

thawing life giving waters near a great glacier .

But be alert; trouble was always near - - -

and some paid the ultimate price - - -

while  some got away - - -

and recovered to find - - -

life sustaining food - - -

Soon the enticing smell of home made pancakes - - -

started the rush.. - -

"Lead on and we will follow" came the cry - - -

they rested where they could - -

they ran past Mt Doom with great haste - -

turned at the Christmas tree - - -

and found the promised path of royal gray stones.

Speed was the essence now. - - -

They even went "where no roads have gone before" - -

 it seemed, at times, like a bad dream. - - -

then it began to snow

there was only one way possible because - -

geysers guarded the entrance.

everything was fenced - - -

 or bounded by the forbidden swamps.

Trolls were watching. - - -

Then one day the goddess of the clouds appeared,
kindly giving them - -

the chair to paradise.

Some still had problems on the way (must have fallen off the chair) - -

Those who arrived lived happily ever after.  - - -

and when the barrier closed again - - -

they ran gleefully into the wilderness.