Media and politicians
tend to sensationalise, alarm, distract and confuse using numbers.

This site avoids spin and confusion    
It uses only W.H.O. reported totals of CASES and DEATHS and converts them to a per (million) capita rate for each community then ranks them (lowest at the top).

It also records these totals at the end and beginning of SPECIFIED PERIODS and calculates the DAILY GROWTH  then ranks the communities for each set (lowest at the top).

Note: New Zealand and Australia are competing keenly in all 4 sets of reports (Covid Cup?).


Readers can follow communities of interest and make their own judgements
International communities are reacting differently as they aim to balance the loss of lives with the need to minimise citizens' frustrations, suicides, loss of health, desire to work and livelihoods.    

Their public data is not accurate
Communities provide their own data to the W.H.O. Case numbers are based on positive tests. Many of these communities are not testing all those with symptoms.

A random test from Iceland reported half the positive cases found had no symptoms. This indicates that for each reported case there is another not reported without symptoms.

Some communities report only hospital Covid-19 deaths.  There is concern that there are Covid deaths occurring outside hospitals.

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