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Art's Centre
Under restoration from earthquake)

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This beautiful Victorian university complex has been standing proud for over a centaury.

Here you find treasurers, souvenirs, good local food, entertainment, and beauty.

This is a place to explore the history, art, culture and old architecture of New Zealand.

KANES lead us to explore the amazing history that lies within these buildings and grounds.

Built of basalt rock from the volcano this classic Victorian English architecture is an inspiration of great workmanship and planning.

The old university lecture rooms and offices are now the home of artists.  Take a journey back in time.

The Great Hall now accommodates regular festivals with exquisite performances for public entertainment.

Many international food stalls restaurants, cafes, bars and craft foods satisfy every preference (the fudge at the sweets shop is a hit with many) .

Many of the lecture rooms are now interlinked forming busy labyrinths of beauty, activity, things to buy and colour.  Often we are able to meet the craft people ask questions, discuss their art and see them working on their projects.

A boutique movie theatre enables you to enjoy entertainment with the connoisseurs.

Drama and Acting
Professional drama groups regularly stages delightful and thought provoking plays in their own theatre.  

Street performers entertain visitors on public holidays.

Lord Earnest Rutherford's Den
The tiny rooms where this great scientist experimented and shared his growing nuclear knowledge have been preserved.  You can visit these quiet modest places too.

The genuine electric historic tram stops here and can take you to Cathedral Square CBD.   The diver is full of great local information. LINK

If your group wishes to tour perform in New Zealand and work with local artists
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