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Pancake Rocks

"An amazing natural world wonder" 

This special area in the Paparoa National Park is shaped by the violent Tasman Sea, pounding limestone uplifted by colliding tectonic plates. 

Coastal formations in many forms are here at Punakaiki.


When conditions are right, these blowholes spurt water into the air.
Blow holes


The pounding Tasman sea erodes the uplifting shore forming a host of fascinating coastal erosion features and processes in one compact area.

A pleasant walking trail exposes and amazing array of intricately shaped formations created by the violent Tasman Sea.   Ocean pounding and undermining of the ancient limestone are forming caves > arches > stacks.  When conditions are favourable powerful surges force spray spouts through the hidden blow holes.

Geography groups look at the formation of limestone its uplifting with tectonic activity and the process involved with its erosion. 

We witness this limestone headland's, stolybedding, wave-caves, blow holes, cave roof collapses, arches, stacks, wave plains, and bays.   

Humanities and Social Studies groups learn how this natural attraction leads to different tourist and other business opportunities. 

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