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Dinosaur Rain Forests

Forest swamp walk

Swamp Walk

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New Zealand's historic colonies of ancient forests have survived unchanged since dinosaurs lived among them.

Modern herbivores never arrived to destroy to destroy them and they are now protected by National Parks and World Heritage Areas.   They frequently featured in the "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit" movies. 

We gain an understandings of rainforests and the interaction and adaptations of the various species of plants. 

Walks let us experience and categorise the various trees and plants. 

We can explore roll each plant has in the forest finding its special points of difference that allow it to successfully coexist. 

We can explore the forest floor and learn how altitude and weather influence the soil.

Information centres offer helpful background information. Some groups may wish to include studies of insects, fungi, disease, weeds and pests.  

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