New Zealand Learning Adventures

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Helicopter Ride on to a Glacier

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The top of the Fox Glacier


Land on the top of a glacier - WOW!!!

Weather and time permitting, we go high into the Southern Alps and land in the snow for an experience of life time. 

Action Education
Low flying over the huge glacier with all its deadly crevasses & crumbling valley gives us a full understanding of forces and processes we learn about in the information centres and descriptions of the guides.

We gain an understand of the machines and people that play important rolls in rescues, fire fighting, agriculture, conservation, tourism, off shore oil industries and recreation.

"Yesterday we went on the helicopter to the top of the glaciers it as sooooooo amazing the snow was knee deep and we were so high up"

"We landed and it didn't take long for the snow fights to start.   It was impossible to make snowballs as the glacier was made of what seemed like frozen polystyrene and wouldn't retain its shape."

"There was so much to take in".

"We could see forever".

"Wow! it was unbelievable".

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make it happen.