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Guests' Comments

For many visitors this Adventure and Desert Zone is a highlight as they enjoy some time to be away from the group while exploring those things of individual interest.  Photo Gallery

"We are watching bungy jumping today, don't worry I'm not doing it!"

"it's a shopaholics holiday well maybe not but we do go shopping nearly every day! not good for the $$$$ though."

"I am having such a good time. Went skiing yesterday and got MAJORLY BAD SUNBURN but surprisingly it cleared up EXCELLENTLY within a couple of days "

"Maybe I will tag along in your suitcase when u all come over here?? ...... yer, that sounds like a plan to me! ;)"

"It's pretty good over here....the first nights accommodation was pretty down but the rest is pretty uphill from here!"

"On Saturday night we went to a skyline restaurant which was buffet - DELICIOUS - I all most vomited! and they had luge rides up there too"

"Also on Saturday night, we are going to a skyline restaurant. it is on the top of a hill and you go up to it in a gondola - I cant wait!"

"HEY, this if just STUNNING!! In the bus on the way to Queenstown, away from the ski field ... real chocolate box stuff. Glorious weather ... just fantastic every step of the way."

"At dinner the other night, it was a buffet, and the view was so beautiful. the best thing so far would have to have been the shot over jet. I got a postcard with our group on it."

"The other night we were treated to the very special Skyline meal. We took the gondola up to the top of the mountain where we then have a great time on the luge rides which took us on a windy path around the mountain in small plastic things on wheels! How EXCITING! The meal at the Skyline was most delightful, the meal, virtually all you can eat. Believe me I ate a lot! "

"I wasn't too sure of the gondola as the trip up the Mountain was very steep and very high.  I sat facing up hill and found that the more I talked the less time I had to be concerned.  The view from the top and the meal made the trip worthwhile.  I've got some lovely photos too.   The trip back down the hill was fine as I had someone even more nervous than me to talk to."

"I am good and having a great time here at the moment, we are in Queenstown in a really nice hotel that has a TV, shower and fridge - the lot in our room!"

"Today we r going on the jet boat on the shot over river..... looking soooooooooooo forward to that! and yesterday we went to where the bungy jumps are done, and omg............ I so badly WANT TO HAVE A GO! it is so right up my ally! :)"

"I'm not going parasailing because it is too expensive but we are going jet boat riding tomorrow yay!"

"Yesterday we went skiing and it was ankles sorta hurt though!"

"My favourite things so far have been skiing, shotover jet boat, luging, gondola, cruises, puzzle and illusions centre and going out for dinner! "

"For dinner we went to the skyline and had to catch a gondola up there!! and we also went luge riding!! that was soo fun."

"Well, it's been FABULOUS. I went skiing and I only fell over 4 times!!!! Pretty good for a whole day's skiing!! "

"I've been having a wicked time over here. I went skiing the other day and I luv it!!"

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