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Gold Museum


Gold develops differently from many other materials because it is a stable element.

This barren sun scorched, schist strewn land concentrated great wealth for the first lucky settlers to find in old river beds and along the sides of the gorges. 

Often see the remnants of mining sites, water ways and dwellings that were part of a major extraction industry in the early days of Western settlement and development.

Interested groups
look at the processes that remove it from the ocean and placed it here.

These preserved remnants of different old mining areas help us see how the gold was concentrated by rivers. 

We learn how prospectors operated to find this treasure.

Water required for mining in a desert needed ingenious engineering to access it.

We discuss its markets, uses and properties.

We follow the development of  mechanisation needed for the more difficult gold found in the swift deadly rivers.

Here too interested groups can try panning for gold.

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