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Be amazed with one of the world's greatest wildernesses of untamed splendour.  A fiord cruise in this leading World Heritage Area provides a panicle of nature's experiences.   -- 

"We have saw heaps of places where the 'Lord of the Rings' was taken"

"I am onto my 6th film, which is a bit of a worry for the cost of developing, I will pay for half of the developing *wink wink* "

" We went to the snow yesterday and played in it."

"We are nearly at the end of our journey, but still there is more to do"

"Still having a great time, my bags are beginning to get really heavy!"

"Tomorrow, I am going shopping in Dunedin, going to Cadbury's and I am really looking forward to going to the pool tomorrow night! But before then, we are going out for tea tonight, which will be really nice, all of us have been really spoiled on this trip."

"Yesterday we went on a boat ride and on the way back there was a dolphin in front of the boat I got some photos and it was really big and soooo cool. we also saw some NZ fur seals they were cool 2"

"Yesterday we went to Milford sound and went on a cruise. It was raining but it was still good. I saw all these seals on this rock.

"I am having heaps of fun! Not long left...arghhh."

"We went driving round a mountain with heaps snow yesterday and we stopped and played in it... I was just in trackies and a jumper... and I fell In a weak bit and got stuck in it up to my knee - literally... it froze and I had to rip my leg out then we had to dig my entire self out!"

"Sorry I didn't send you a post card but it costs $1.50 to send them so yer!"

"We went for a walk yesterday through this beech forest. Beech forests are the forests that 'Lord of the Rings' scenes were filmed with -like in Lothlorien with the elves and stuff."

"Tomorrow we are off to the Cadbury chockie factory..YUM YUM! I'll bring you back some souvenirs, sorry if I accidentally eat some!"


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