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Mt Cook National Park

This park includes the highest alps of New Zealand.


The Hermitage Hotel

Hooker Glacier Trail

Tasman Valley Walking Trail

Iceberg Lake

Park administrators have developed excellent information and education centres, walking trails, roads, alpine cabins, services, and facilities to balance needs of nature and the people who arrive to admire it.

Massive tectonic forces locked in relentless collisions ate building the highest mountains in Australasia.

All around you nature is continually carving shattering and shaping. The stunning beauty of the Alps and developing lakes provide stark contrast to the barren flat tundra we crossed to get here.  Photos simply cannot capture the grandeur.

KANES guests gain safe access to the walking trails to see the massive glaciers, their forming lakes, avalanche areas and icebergs.  

Visitors can explore the management and work that enable national parks to balance the protection of the alpine nature with the needs of visitors.
The information centre provides books dioramas maps and photographs on all the fascinating subjects available.

Here we experience collapsing ice cliffs, regular avalanches and massive rock-covered glaciers.  Audio-visual and studies assist us comprehend this geography in motion!  The lessons here are empowering experiences!

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Try a visit the (third) luxury Hermitage Hotel and explore the park's alpine settlement. A café and souvenir shop is an attraction after a walk on one of the exquisite mountain trails nearby.


Information Centre

Exploring a Glacier

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