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1850's this area was discovered, by the sheep thief James Mackenzie.   They say he used this area as an escape trail.

Farmers moved into the area but struggled severely with difficult weather, poor soils, isolation and rabbits.

Alpine recreationalists and tourists began arriving to enjoy the splendid sights and challenge the mountains offered. Rudolf Wrigley built the first accommodation

Rudolf's son, Harry, followed on, building a grand hotel and new cars to take bring travellers from the nearest railway. The South Island Skiing sport began here with the arrivals of the keen Norwegian climbing guides

With hotel upgrades and planes being common, Harry (now an ex WW2 pilot) invented the ski plane to land in snow on the nearby Tasman Glacier. More tourists arrived.  Business boomed and branched out to a national flying and transport company. The hermitage hotel was replaced after a fire by a world class facility. The National Park status came to the area. 

The new HEP scheme raised the nearby glacier lake  requiring the reconstruction of the highway.  Visitor numbers grew with the upgraded access roar and it is still growing along with the facilities.

The Hermitage Hotel had a major upgrade to its current status. The settlement grew and new flood protection systems were put in place.   

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