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Waitomo Caves

Fun in Waitomo Caves

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Black water rafting



Just four hours to the south of Auckland we can take a guided tour through New Zealand's most visited limestone caves. 

Exciting beauty is portrayed by magnificent lighting of formations followed by the silent beauty of the amazing native glow worms.

These caves are one of the popular stops for visitors in the North Island as they provide easy access and learning opportunities to some of the country's better caving systems. (We allow 6 hrs to access and view the caves.) 

Limestone formations
A guide takes groups deep into the underground caverns where there are magnificent examples of stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes and sizes.

Glow Worms
You will be amazed at the stunning beauty of the silent glow worms living out their lives in complete darkness. 

Caves museum
An awe-inspiring sound and light show brings to life the work and the efforts of the cave explorer.  Other first-class displays bring to life the processes of limestone cave development.

Black water rafting

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