New Zealand Learning Adventures

Wellington - Capital City

This vibrant, friendly city houses the leaders of New Zealand.  It lies at the southern point of the North Island.

Popular features include:  ●  Te Papa museum  ●  marine museum  ● rock wall climbing  ● Cook strait ferry crossing  ●  international Airport   ●   harbour cruises  ●  view points  ●   Zoo  ●  walks  ●  gardens  ●  cable car ride  ●  nature sanctuary   ●  movies. Link to more 

Fault-line Harbour

City Fault-line

This second largest city in the zone It is full of colourful art, learning institutions, theatres, and museums.  

Steep topography soft ground and earthquakes have created a major challenge for building and transport networks but it provides glorious views. 

Tectonic movements and fault lines are common throughout the city. Interested groups learn how the movements have shaped the land and and the city's excellent harbour.  The last major earthquake (1830s&  8+ on the Richter scale) uplifted some low lying parts of the city.

Harbour ferries, trains, cable cars, planes and roads
all meet here. The wild land forms and violent weather sometimes cause interesting delays and difficulties.

Cable Car
A ride from the CBD takes you up a steep hill terminating at the botanic gardens and the university.  Fantastic views are enjoyed.

Mt Victoria
We take a drive to a top view point that overlooks the City.  

National Museum
This modern, must see facility has items of interest for most visitors and includes geography in action  using moving sound and light displays, hi tech and hands on exhibits.

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