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Hidden costs








 make every effort to ensure guests are not burdened with unexpected costs that later appear in addition to the quotation.

The following are some costs that may be added to a tour package quotation:-

Airport and other flight taxes
  always include these tax in all their flight quotations.

NZ Goods & Services Tax
This tax is 15%. KANES  always include this tax in all their quotations.

Price increases
KANES are proud to have always absorbed cost increases imposed on them after accepting a customer's booking.

"NZ Accident Compensation Insurance".
 is always included.  However,  optional  "Travel insurance" can vary widely with its prices and benefits.  

Optional Activities
These non-included activities can be much more expensive when they are purchased separately. 
KANES  endeavour to obtain the most competitive prices they are not included in the package.   Guests need consider these in the overall budget.

KANES and their service providers do not expect gratuities.

"Non included" meals
Non included meals significantly add to the tour cost and burden many guests.  KANES  usually include all meals except for one or two  "on own" dinners that enable a pleasant change and free time at the most interesting locations.  Below is a price indication for travellers purchasing their own meals.
Breakfasts  $15 - $25
Lunches     $10 -  $20
Dinners      $12 -  $35

Price increases
Because land quotations change with different numbers and expired flight quotations. KANES avoid these by providing a "not more than" price suggestion for leaders to promote the plan.

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