New Zealand Student Tours


Business Studies

New Zealand has many small businesses that enable visitors to see businesses operate.  

We learn that enthusiasm and continual development is essential to avoid decline. 

Main Enterprises
Farming, food processing and tourism services.

How to grow Business Skills
Successful business people are trusted, have personal ambition, they can communicate effectively and lead others effectively.   Next they need  passion for the industry and in depth knowledge if it. Learning never stops.  

Interested groups look deeper into different enterprises and make comparisons relating to costs, marketing, wages leadership and administration systems seen in each.

Industries we can study
Talks with local business people,   visits to different work places and evening discussions all help groups understand the attributes needed to operate a successful business.

Staff participation
Teachers with student groups are always encouraged to participate with explanations as they best know the students and their curriculum requirements.

Business studies available:-
●  Marketing
●  Planning
●  Financing
●  Administration
●  Bookkeeping
●  Taxation
●  Health & Safety
●  Finding a niche
Staff management
●  R&D
●  Support structures
●  Insurance
●  Networking
●  Cycles of operation
●  Customer service

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