New Zealand Student Tours


International Antarctic Centre

Entrance to the Antarctic Centre

This multi-million dollar adventure education centre provides experiences of life and conditions in Antarctica and countries near the earth's poles. 

Visitors gain an immense appreciation of the planet and its inhabitants during the Ice Ages. See also modern science activities and life in the extreme environment.

Live penguins


Ice slide


Antarctic Centre's Ice-mobile ride.
Hagglund ride

An exhibit at the Antarctic Centre

Antarctic clothing being demonstrated.
 VIDEO Dressing for the climate

Blizzard experience  (- 20 deg)

Action Adventures
● Snow cave
● Blizzard experience
● Big screen movie
● Thrilling 4D movie

An exclusive illustrated lecture from an expert explains the wonders of this huge continent.  

Seasons of the Antarctic
Experience the changing seasons between the areas incredible summers and winters.

Blizzard Adventure
Encounter  -20deg.C (wind chill) snow and storm winds. Now you know what it feels like when you see these conditions on TV and movies.

See these amazing animals both above the water and beneath. There are even glimpses into their burrows.


Giant movie
They say photographs cannot really capture natures beauty but this hi-tech, movie presentation gets close. For 15 minutes enjoy a feast of superb images covering nature, geography and settlements in this most unusual place on our earth.

4D Movie
Stunning 3D scenery with surround sound is enhanced to new heights in a specially designed theatre.  A 20 minute thrill that cannot be missed.

Ice mobile (Hagglund) Ride
This vehicle roars over steep hills, deep crevasses and through a freezing lake - tighten your seat belt! 

Studies available
Both the Antarctic Centre and Canterbury Museum * provide us with nearest possible Antarctic insights into the lives and work of the early and current explorers. We learn to understand what the ice ages were like when glaciers were shaping the landscapes we enjoy today.

Settlement studies
We can explore the special ways people adapt to cope with the world's coldest and windiest environment.  

AV's help us understand the ways life forms adapt and thrive in an environment most of us cannot conceive without some of the experiences offered at the centre. 

Encounter the sciences of heat transfer and insulation. See many practical applications of heat transfer, a vital science seen applied in hundreds of ways.

Geography Studies
Interested visitors discover presentations explaining the world's ocean currents that support the theories of changes to the land since Gondwanaland.  Other, weather patterns, glaciation, (pack ice and Icebergs) and even meteorites.

Conservation Studies
By looking at the history and the application of environmental controls you will see the immense effort that has gone into protection of this vulnerable landmass and you see why efforts are being made to conserve other environments too.



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