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Arthurs Pass  National Park

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This national park covers a large part of the Southern Alps between Christchurch and Greymouth.

The park headquarters and information centre is located in the alpine settlement of Arthur's Pass Township. We find great , camping and picnic areas, accommodation, tourist services, beautiful walking trails, a ski field, rivers and awesome waterfalls.

Here we find alpine grasses, steep gorges and luxuriant rainforests. The trail follows a secondary fault that branches from the main tectonic junction

These help us understand the operations and responsibilities of the national park work of and rules that allow national parks to undertake their protection of the geography, flora and fauna as well as encouraging visitors.

Groups sometimes encounter the inquisitive kea (worlds only alpine parrot and most intelligent animal - after humans)

Information Centre
We learning about the national park, its history, its many geographical features and management. For interested groups
KANES can often arrange for an officer of the park to address them. 

We can gain an insight to the huge engineering developments, to counter earthquake damage to roads, as it controls water and we see other aspects of tourism services. An AV explains the history of the most necessary alpine trail.

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