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Coal Mining

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Coal settlements

Coal town

Huge volumes of coal have been removed from here for a centaury and there is still vast amounts left.

When high on our interests lists,
KANES take us to the mining areas and the settlements where we see and learn about the people, their work culture, income, etc.  Depending on time available and the importance of the interests, we explore various facilities machines and processes involved with the extraction, sorting, storage, transportation and management of the coal industry.  We look at the current land conservation and economic issues.

A visitor information centre at Westport "Coal Town" assists us gather facts and understandings with its displays, information, photos and historic records. Depending on available time, we can investigate some of the disasters that occurred in the zone so we can learn more about the risks and safety factors involved with the industry.

Engineering and chemistry students have assess to explore practical applications of their interests.    We learn about the formation of coal, see the different types, its uses and maybe we can take a guess about its future?

take you there and tailor your experiences to meet your interests