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Comments  Glacier & Scenic Zone



"Today we are driving for a few hours to get to the glaciers and might be doing a helicopter flight...sounds like fun!"

" I went on the helicopter up to the glacier! The view was so beautiful! It was definitely the best day of my whole entire life. I actually got to stand on the top of a mountain which over looked the glacier and I could also see Mt Cook."

"The bad weather has finally finished and we have B-AutoFill sunshine. The views are amazing and it is going to be awesome on the helicopter ride today."

"We were all awestruck. We thought that what we’d seen so far was incredible, but whoa. For anyone who’s seen  "The Lord of the Rings', it’s the same kind of epic scenery. We all felt dwarfed by the colossal stone walls of the valley."

"I'm having so much fun and everything's great I went on the helicopter and it was the best thing I've ever done in my life"

"The helicopter ride was BRILLIANT!"

"It was so much fun. I still can't believe that I got to go up!"

"It was so beautiful, I took lots of photos. the bus trips are long but there's a lot to do.

"I felt a bit of a churn in the tum as we walked to the helicopter.  Our lovely pilot helped us buckle in and within seconds we were up and away.  The views were magnificent."

"The lunge, the grab, our legs intertwined, I bend her backwards until she loses her balance........then there I am on my knees, sinking in the soft snow doubled over with everyone laughing at me.  Then someone took a photo. I will get the negative.  Back into the helicopter and up we go.  Before we get too much altitude we go over the edge of a cliff and there is nothing below us.  The view goes forever and there are lots of 'oohs' and 'ahs' from the girls.  All too soon its over.  We land and as we walk back we all agree that we'd get straight back on and do it again." 

"What a blast." 

"It's a really good day. There's no clouds at all and its not raining and its warm."

"its been really fun over here. the helicopter ride up the glacier was the best but the weather was beautiful and it was so much fun, the pilot even let me drive the helicopter."

"I was wearing 5 layers last night- IN THE CABIN! - Anyway I'm off to scale a glacier..."
"Yesterday I went to the Glacier I was pretending I was the Queen of rocks."

"Took the glow worm walk it was also amazing and very very dark! "

"Wow well today was kind of alright. We spent most of the day on the bus but its really good how we get off and go for a walk to stretch our legs." 

"I'm really enjoying the trip so far. Everything we do is really cool."

"We walked in the forest and saw glow worms in the dark.  Once our eyes adjusted to the dark forest was quite light due to the moon shine."

"Some of us were quiet fearful of the darkness but we did see the glow worms and after a while the fear seemed to go.  Everyone was told not to talk - that was hard!  The Kiwi forest is very quiet, damp and luxuriant."

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