New Zealand Learning Adventures

We find two 13 km world record breaking glaciers in this Zone.

Helicopter Flight

Glaciers we visit plunge over 2,000m from among the high Southern Alps into lush dinosaur rainforests.

Glacier Stats:
Length:13 km. 
Speed: 4m/day.
Altitude: at snout 300m;
Altitude at nevé 3,300m.  Precipitation: at nevé: 70m snow Precipitation- at base 7m rain.

Available Studies
We see how millions of tonnes of material and transferred into tenacious rivers and carried to the plains.

Learn to read the pathways these giant ice rivers once followed.

Explore the forces and water properties that power the monsters.

Witness valleys collapsing as the glaciers and tectonic plates dislodge, twist and shatter.

Optional Guided Glacier walk
Adorned with the correct equipment for safety, professional specialists take groups on to the slippery ice 

Guided glacier walk

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