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Maori Food Giant Moa

First Rails 1880s

First University 1880s

Olveston House   

We can follow the lives of pre European Maori people and learn why areas here were desirable.  We investigate the good food and defendable landforms that made their settlements.

1830s modern visitors, whalers & sealers, began trading with the Maori inhabitants. We learn of cultural and tribal disputes that lead to deadly skirmishes.

1858 the New Church of Scotland organised migration here to flee from famines. They established the settlement of Dunedin and industries for international trade beginning with wool and soon after education.

1860s gold was found causing an uncontrolled population explosion leading to the unprecedented demand for food, machinery and roads. This was New Zealand's most wealthy area. 

1920s when gold stopped the wealth stopped and the area froze with  a local painful recession and as the fancy buildings grew old they could not be replaced with just the income from farming.

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