New Zealand Student Tours

Students' Comments about the Alpine Grandeur Zone

Confront the breathtaking splendour in the "Himalayas of the South Pacific".  

Encounter glaciers, avalanches, icebergs, actively expanding glacier lakes and massive erosion.  


What will I do when I get back home?  Guess I'll have to eat heaps of chocolate to make up for it, eh?"

"Heaps of pics, just for you.

Ms. T was very horrible to me up there - she waited till I was busy trying to get a good photo of the glacier and then she attacked, ramming handfuls of FREEZING COLD snow down my back. Needless to say, I was NOT amused."

"We've been to heaps of places where 'Lord of the Rings' was filmed - I took great pics.

"The alps are so beautiful, they look exactly like the mountains out of LOTR (gee, wonder why?) and I have TOTALLY fallen in love with them."

"I love everything about New Zealand! I have made heaps of new friends and I'm loving it."

"They have stuff we don't have (food wise) such as a fizzy drink called L&P (apparently it's a more citrus version of lemonade) and chocolates called Chews and Perky Nanna's (dodgy) and, my favourite, cookies as big as my head (maybe even Matthew's) that are crunchy round the edges and soft and nice in the middle. You can get them in all sorts of flavours - choc chip, triple chocolate, apricot munch, etc. They are called "Cookie Times" and I'm always buying them.

"Not much money left- where'd it all go? I have no idea what I spent it on - food, parasailing, helicopter, horseriding, busrides around towns, Ecoworld, food, museums...argh!"

"The alps here are so beautiful! They are really really massive with snow spilling all over them!! Same as the ones in LOTR. When the sunlight hits them, it's so pretty."

"There are heaps of sheep too. And pine trees. I reckon there's one sheep for every pine tree. No kidding."

"Hey you know how there are like a zillion sheep in nz, well there's heaps of little lambs at the moment as well. They're so cute they leap about and run its so cute."

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