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tailor your experience with personalised commentaries and arrange timings to best meet your main interests within the time available. 

On most days of the year hundreds walk in the region. The nearby lakes are used for water skiing, fishing, rowing and of course swimming. The mountains are frequented by snow skiers climbers and hunters.  Flying activities include  sight seeing from planes, helicopters, gliders  and balloons. 

Mountain climbing began seriously here when climbers were scrambling to be the first to climb Mt Cook, the highest of the Alps. Despite international attempts, a local Timaru plumber took the honour on Christmas Day 1897.  Today, hundreds of enthusiasts now visit the zone to test and develop their mountaineering skills and enjoy the exhilaration of the mountains.  Sadly too, many perish due to the unseen dangers. 

KANES visitors receive a close encounter with the mountains and
can visit a school of mountaineering or talk with other recreational enthusiasts. Other recreational adventures can be arranged if time is available.

 take you there - walking, mountaineering, flying, skiing