New Zealand Learning Adventures

Tongariro (Active Volcano) National Park 


Active andesite volcanoes with its basaltic outcrops and scoria from the most recent eruptions in the late 1990s.

Park Headquarters
We find an overall appreciation of the area
. There are Audio visuals, dioramas, photos and relief maps to help us.

There are several of these in the National Park offering us great views, sights and various volcano learning experiences. Timings for these vary.

Groups continue build knowledge of volcanoes, tectonics, hot springs, weather, culture and social studies as we visit site of interest.

Tongaririo Crossing Walk Classed as the "World's greatest day walk" this very popular walk attract crowds and takes takes us past many different volcanic features, offers the best views of the surrounding landscapes and lets us experience many different types of eruptions encountered by this still active volcano.

Mt Ngahoe Climb Another exciting challenge for the fit ones of us takes us up to the top of this, New Zealand's most active volcano. 

Forest walks and walks to water falls lead us to areas of for geography and nature studies including alpine vegetation regeneration, and erosion processes.

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tailor your experience with personalised commentaries and arrange timings to best meet your main interests within the time available.