New Zealand Student Tours

Obtain Effective Quotation

Exclusive Web Site

Each quotation comes with an exclusive confidential website to help inform potential group members. This helps reduce organisers' time commitments.

These time saving sites are up dated as plans progress.




This describes each days activities and highlights and links to details of each.  Also listed are some options the group or individuals may want to include.

Main attractions
These are listed with links to details. 

Objectives & benefits
These help guide planning with  activities, education and expectations.

Contains photos of the sights and experiences planned for your tour.

Note for parents
Ideas, information and suggestions on preparing students for the adventure

Notes for staff
Ideas, information and suggestions on ways to contribute to the safety, fun and learning with less preparation time and cost.

If the tour is booked, participants find here the items they need to bring with them and view ideas to prepare for the best fun and rewards.

   take you there - you make it happen