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Step 2:  Contact us for a plan

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Plans must:-  include New Zealand's best, be affordable and meet each group's interests and objectives.

● Plans can be fine-tuned at any time to meet changing circumstances.

Pre-plan discussions include:-

Dates for travel
We check availability, then hold preferred dates and land quotation until numbers are established. more>

(NOTE frequently airfares can reduce with slightly different flight times and dates).  


Although longer tours cost more, their "daily" price reduces creating better overall value.



Thrilling, confidence building activities, attract support making larger groups and cheaper prices.  more>


Accommodation Choices

Choices range from 1 to 5 stars. Customers choose best value accommodation for them. Places are always clean, safe and warm.   more>
Food is always safe, enjoyable, nourishing and plentiful. Choices range from DYO camp style "safari" meals to top restaurants
depending on budget. more>


Best Airfares
Groups can save thousands with careful planning early 

Group size
Larger groups (40+) obtain lowest prices. 
Activities, benefits, leadership, promotional techniques and price all help to attract participants.



Prices depend on numbers
Generally prices range around NZ$900 & NZ$1500 depending on the above requirements and group size that can only be determined only when all deposited bookings are returned.   Leaders need to promote their tour with a "not more than" price based on a minimum affordable size group. KANES give leaders a table of prices to guide them to this.


KANES  Provide customers with an Exclusive Website
This contains the proposed plan, with itinerary, activities, sights visited, educational content, accommodation, meals and timings. 

The sights are made so each leader can use it to promote their tour, inform their own families, institution leaders and participants and later prepare participants for the tour when it becomes a firm booking and deposits paid. 

The tour Quotation is provided directly to the tour leader so a "not more than" price can be placed on individual application forms.   more>

      More Information

More Information:-

- Weather
- Coaches
- Insurance
- Safety
- Security of funds
- Sample plans
- About


  make plans to meet interests and they assist leaders gather their groups