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Contact us for a plan


KANES provide low budget plans involving New Zealand's best experiences, hands-on & on-site learning and minimal time input for staff.

Group sizes range between 20 and 55
Supervising staff travel free (1:10)
Minimal planning time for tour teaches


1) Test for support

1) Test for support
Save time - first ensure your institution and students are keen to support a viable New Zealand excursion.   


2) Contact us for a plan

2) Contact us for a plan
A phone conversation best leads to a plan to meet customers' budgets and interests involving:-

● Sights
● Dates


KANES  send you a plan with a quotation (bases on group sizes) and an indication of airfares.

Together we fine-tune minor changes that may be required.


3) Gather Applications

3) Booking process

When the plan is right, conduct a well promoted information meeting & issue application forms to all interested.

After sufficient deposited applications return:-

► Reconfirm KANES quotation based on numbers.

► Obtain the airlines' group quotations (these change as planes fill. Any travel agent will provide these).

► Make confirmation deposits to KANES & the airlines.
Just $300 confirms
booking with KANES. Airlines may require over $3000 within 7 days of their quotation.


   take you there - and make it happen within budget