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KANES low budget plans for schools involves New Zealand's best experiences, with hands-on learning to build wisdom and life skills.

Group sizes range between 20 and 55
Supervising staff travel free (1:10)

Inquiries are welcome - Just phone or email us.

Our suggested steps below can help save you valuable time

1) Test for support

1) Test for support
Ensure your institution and students are keen to support a New Zealand excursion.   


2) Contact us for a plan

2) Contact us for a plan
A phone conversation best leads to a plan to meet customers' budgets and interests involving:-

● Sights
● Dates


KANES  send you a plan with a quotation (bases on group sizes) and an indication of airfares.

Together we fine-tune minor changes that may be required.


3) Gather Applications

3) Booking process

When the plan is right, conduct a well promoted information meeting & issue application forms to all interested.

After sufficient deposited applications return:-

► Reconfirm KANES quotation based on numbers.

► Obtain the airlines' group quotations (these change as planes fill. Any travel agent will provide these).

► Make confirmation deposits to KANES & the airlines.
Just $300 confirms
booking with KANES. Airlines may require over $3000 within 7 days of their quotation.


   take you there - and make it happen within budget