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Step 3: Booking Process
Ideas to save time. 

1) Ask for support. 
Before spending a lot of time planning a NZ Tour, we suggest organisers first ask prospective passengers and principals if they support an investigation into the possibility of a NZ tour.

2) Obtain a Land tour quotation
Explain your interests duration and timings, approximate numbers and
KANES will provide a suggest a suitable plan and quotation.

3) Seek Applications
For best results, set up a well promoted information meeting where the plan is enthusiastically explained  and issue application forms

KANES  provide this for each group.  It is exclusive and confidential and informs all interested parties about the plan to kelp save staff time.  more>

4) Confirm Bookings
When adequate deposited applications return:-

► Book the best available flights

► Book the land tour.
Just $300 confirms
booking with KANES. Airlines may require over $3000 within 7 days of their quotation.

assist leaders meet their objectives